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The Loud Idiots - The Force Awakens An Exodus For Survivor Series

The boys discuss the first teaser of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the controversy over the new film Exodus: Gods and Kings, and Mickey Rourke’s return to boxing. The latter conversation spirals into a discussion of the WWE’s Rusev and a recap of this year’s Survivor Series.

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Near Mint Radio - World Without a Frank Part 4

The true villain at last been revealed, and now Pete stands triumphant, having claimed Near Mint for himself! With Frank and Ken out of his way, Pete, and his henchman James are free to review Axis crossovers, Worlds Collide, Batman Eternal, and Silver Spoon. Plus, Pete learns the true meaning of Shonen Manga. Near Mint Go!

# 2014-11-25 by NonProductive | NearMintRadio | Comics |

Superheroes Anonymous and The Return of Evil Dead

The Idiots debate the new “Ash Versus The Evil Dead” TV series, and Must Click TV has Kate McClure reviewing “Teachers Lounge.” The shows finale introduces author Lexie Dunne and her new novel “Superheroes Anonymous” and shows us why Lexie is one of our newest nerd heroes. You won’t want to miss this!!!

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Near Mint Radio - World Without a Frank Part 3

It’s a battle royal on the scale of Contest of Champions! In a desperate attempt to plug the gaping hole left by the still-missing Frank, Ken and Pete recruit James from the Line Cutters and the Loud Idiots’ Monkeyboy to join the show for Archiefest ’14. Ken and Pete fulfill their vow to each read a “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” comic. James teaches us about Sonic the Hedgehog Comics and learns about die cut covers. All this plus Army of Darkness, Spiderverse, and a return trip to Gotham Academy.

# 2014-11-18 by NonProductive | NearMintRadio | Comics |

Line Cutters - The End of Naruto (and the world)!

In this episode, Al, Cappy, and Matt talk about the end of Naruto and talk to Caias Ward, creator of the table top RPG, Riders: A Game About Cheating Doomsday!

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