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Near Mint Radio - Fan Suggestions and Wrap-Ups!

Fan suggestions:
Fantastic Four: Isla De La Muerte!
Andre the Giant
Peter David’s All-New X-Factor
<<< AND >>>
Comic book movie news, including which properties have returned to Mighty Marvel!

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The Loud Idiots - The Doctor Regenerates & Soda Pop Soldier

Author Nick Cole calls in to promote his new war games meets video games opus, ”Soda Pop Soldier”. Nick clues us in about what it takes to get just the right amount of realism mixed with fantasy to make a story like this work. Also, a new Doctor means new debates and controversy as the boys discuss the Doctor Who Series 8 premiere, ”Deep Breath”.

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Near Mint Comic Radio - Hobos, Heroes, and Spies!

We review The Illegitimates, Original Sin: Iron Man vs Hulk, and Star Trek The Animated Series… The Comic, as well as the record breaking sale of a superhero classic!

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The Loud Idiots - Girl Meets Fanboys

Ken, Pete, and Den prepare for WWE SummerSlam by predicting all the matches on this year’s card. Then, actress Maitland Ward, of Boy Meets World fame, calls in to distract the boys by discussing her love of Comic Con, cosplay, and video games. Finally, we remember the great films of Robin Williams. Summer’s here ladies and gentlemen, let’s enjoy it!

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Near Mint Radio - Thanos, Eli Manning, and Getting Into Comics

One is a living god hell bent on universal destruction, the other is Thanos! We talk Marvel’s Original Graphic Novels: Thanos the Infinity Revelation (with art and writing by Thanos creator, Jim Starlin), free football comics, and we debate how to get newbies into comic books!

# 2014-08-12 by NonProductive | NearMintRadio | Comics