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The Loud Idiots - Debbie D and Vampire Mermaids

With Den and Pete missing in action, Ken recruits Frank to help discuss the station’s first live chat of WWE Smackdown on The NonPro Fan Club over at Then Ken has a one on one conversation with scream queen and all around AWESOME actress Debbie D!

# 2015-02-03 by NonProductive | LoudIdiots | Wrestling | Guests | Movies |

Near Mint Radio - Guardians Two, Electric Boogaloo

Frank and Ken talk about the great DC shows and Superman’s New Look/New Power.

# 2015-02-03 by NonProductive | NearMint | NearMintRadio | Comics | TV |

Line Cutters - Terrible 80's Cartoons

The gang talks about Marvel’s “Secret Wars” event, and discuss the worst cartoons from the 80s!

# 2015-01-21 by NonProductive | LineCutters | Cartoons | Comics |

The Loud Idiots - Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

The Idiots get ready for this year’s Royal Rumble by sparking their own predictions for the annual event. Then they look at Rumbles past for I Hate The 80’s. The show ends with a classic interview with “Big Sexy” himself, Kevin Nash!

# 2015-01-20 by NonProductive | LoudIdiots | Wrestling |

Near Mint Radio - MARVEL WARS!

Marvel has finally let us know the secret behind their new event, SECRET WARS, so we discuss our hopes, fears, and predictions about the future of the Marvel Universe! All this and a team review of the new Star Wars comic from the house of secret ideas!

# 2015-01-20 by NonProductive | NearMint | Comics | BestOf |