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The Loud Idiots Kill Han Solo

Tim Yates and Lee Estes joins the boys in the studio this week to discuss their new comic book “Anne Bonnie” then stay to debate whether the Star Wars Universe would have been better off if Han Solo was killed early off in the series. Sounds crazy? It is, but check it out, it’s amusing none the less

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Near Mint Radio - So Long, Superior Spider-Man!

We bid farewell to “Superior Spider-Man” and discuss why we loved this book so much, and sit with Tim Yates and Lee Estes to discuss their new comic book “Anne Bonnie”

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The Loud Idiots - Phantasm Exhumed!

On this episode, the Idiots reveal the nominees for the 2014 LIMAs. Then they speak to Dustin McNeill, the man behind the upcoming Phantasm Exhumed book!

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Best of Three - Jonny Magic

It’s time for‘s Board Game Show, BEST OF THREE!

This week Mike and Rob interview Magic the Gathering Hall of Fame member Jon ”Jonny Magic” Finkel.

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The Loud Idiots - ’Taker, Covenant And Taffeta, OH MY!

On this episode, the boys recap the likes and dislikes of WrestleMania XXX, including an in depth discussion of the Undertaker’s current ’Mania record. Writer Sabrina Benulis also chimes in to discuss her new novel in the Books of Raziel series “Covenant” and her love of anime. We also get a VERY candid interview with The Taffeta Darling who we got to spend time with in NYC during the 2014 Nerdlesque Festival. Enjoy!

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