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The Loud Idiots - Dark Rising with Brigitte Kingsley

On this episode, The Idiots celebrate NonPro’s “I Hate The 80’s” by discussing some of pro-wrestling’s worst gimmicks. Then, Kate McClure reviews “Little Horribles” for Must Click TV. Finally we wrap up with a very candid interview with actress/producer Brigitte Kingsley of “Dark Rising” fame.

To check out Little Horribles, go to:

To find out more on Brigitte Kingsley and Dark Rising, be sure to go to:

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Superheroes Anonymous and The Return of Evil Dead

The Idiots debate the new “Ash Versus The Evil Dead” TV series, and Must Click TV has Kate McClure reviewing “Teachers Lounge.” The shows finale introduces author Lexie Dunne and her new novel “Superheroes Anonymous” and shows us why Lexie is one of our newest nerd heroes. You won’t want to miss this!!!

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Line Cutters - The End of Naruto (and the world)!

In this episode, Al, Cappy, and Matt talk about the end of Naruto and talk to Caias Ward, creator of the table top RPG, Riders: A Game About Cheating Doomsday!

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The Loud Idiots - Faces and Grindhouse Nights

Tom Ryan returns to discuss his new film “Faces” and brings along “The Horror Nerd” Todd Staruch, who runs the event Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z. Kate McClure reviews “Loo Makes It Big” on Must Click TV. Also, Frozen versus The Snow Queen and “Too Many Cooks” breaks the internet. Finally, Seregon O’Dassey calls in and breaks The Loud Idiots Show!

See Loo Makes It Big here:

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The Loud Idiots - The Grandpa and The Actress

The Monkey Boy stops by to help get the boys into the Halloween spirit, as actress Kate McClure calls in to start her new segment Must Click TV. Kate’s first review is of the web series “The Actress” which she announces to the guys she heavily relates too. Then, just in time for Halloween, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” icon John Dugan calls in to discuss his famous role as Grandpa, his time in the theatre, and how he secured his retirement plan in his 20s. Get ready to laugh and scream on this episode!

The Actress Web Series:

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