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The Loud Idiots - Sleepaway Camp with Kate and Attica

Actress/Producer Kate White and burlesque phenom Attica Wilde, accompanied by her manager Mercy Me, co-host this episode with Longshot Ken. The girls discuss the pros and cons that come with their respective professions, and meet Jonathan Tiersten who discusses the 30th anniversary of the cult classic Sleepaway Camp. This episode has CLASSIC written all over it!

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The New Synthetic Blue Movie

The NEW AND IMPROVED Blue Movie makes their triumphant return to The Loud Idiots Radio Show on this episode to discuss their new EP, Synthetic! New members, new music, new hilarity. Definitely a monumental event!

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The Loud Idiots - Kate White and The Hillywood Show

Actress and producer Kate White stops by to tell us about her new web series Sisters & Misters, what the business side of film is like, and paying your acting dues through cultural differences. Also, James from the Line Cutters helps us with an interview with Hilly and Hannah Hindi of The Hillywood Show as we talk about their Doctor Who/Timewarp parody that is taking the interwebs by storm!

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The Loud Idiots - A Snowball In Summer

The Idiots are back after a much needed recuperation from the Loud Idiots Movie Awards with Snowball 37’s David Fagan and photographer to the stars Conni Freestone as we discuss Life, the Universe, and well… you know.

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The 2014 Loud Idiot Movie Awards

The LIMAs Are Here!!!

Join Longshot Ken, Big Poppa Pete, The Monkeyboy, and Big Dawg Den in a celebration of cinematic shenannigans on the 8th annual Loud Idiots Movie Awards. Frank and James from Non-Pro join in the festivities along with special guests Vivienne Cleary, Seregon O’Dassey, Tom Ryan, Patrick Devaney, and Mark Boutros! It’s a night of laughs, movies, ridiculous jokes, and… laughs?

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