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The Loud Idiots - The Grandpa and The Actress

The Monkey Boy stops by to help get the boys into the Halloween spirit, as actress Kate McClure calls in to start her new segment Must Click TV. Kate’s first review is of the web series “The Actress” which she announces to the guys she heavily relates too. Then, just in time for Halloween, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” icon John Dugan calls in to discuss his famous role as Grandpa, his time in the theatre, and how he secured his retirement plan in his 20s. Get ready to laugh and scream on this episode!

The Actress Web Series:

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The Dancers VS. The Dorks

Attica Wilde, Esmerelda May, Ivory Askew, and Isis Winters of Smoke & Mirrors Burlesque come in and are challenged by The Loud Idiots to a guys versus girls geek trivia contest. Who will claim victory? Tune in to find out, but either way, I think the Idiots win!

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The Loud Idiots - The Doctor Regenerates & Soda Pop Soldier

Author Nick Cole calls in to promote his new war games meets video games opus, ”Soda Pop Soldier”. Nick clues us in about what it takes to get just the right amount of realism mixed with fantasy to make a story like this work. Also, a new Doctor means new debates and controversy as the boys discuss the Doctor Who Series 8 premiere, ”Deep Breath”.

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The Loud Idiots - Girl Meets Fanboys

Ken, Pete, and Den prepare for WWE SummerSlam by predicting all the matches on this year’s card. Then, actress Maitland Ward, of Boy Meets World fame, calls in to distract the boys by discussing her love of Comic Con, cosplay, and video games. Finally, we remember the great films of Robin Williams. Summer’s here ladies and gentlemen, let’s enjoy it!

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The Loud Idiots - Anthony Noto & Guardians Of The Galaxy

Anthony Noto, the new front man of Blue Movie, returns to nerd out with us! Ant was so disappointed that we weren’t able to discuss comic books the last time he was on, so we decided to make it up to him. We go completely spoiler heavy reviewing the new Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, so be warned. Then, The Taffeta Darling makes a long awaited return to discuss the epic-ness of Sharknado 2: The Second One! Also a super powered debate over what defines a sci-fi movie!

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