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Novel Discussions with Kim Harrison and Seregon O’Dassey

On this episode of the Loud Idiots, we talk to author Kim Harrison about ”The Undead Pool” the newest novel in The Hollows series. Then we discuss our favorite fantasy novels and authors with actress/reviewer Seregon O’Dassey. We also give Seregon a near fatal Nerdgasm with some X-Men movie news along with a Guardians of the Galaxy trailer debate.

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Near Mint Radio - New Metal Men! New New Warriors! And New Comic Suggestions for Seregon O'Dassey!

On this week’s episode of’s comic book review show, Near Mint Radio, we introduce the Metal Men to the New52, read the newest adventures of the New Warriors, and introduce our special guest, Seregon O’Dassey to some new comics!

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Open Mic Therapy with Sharon Simon & John Minus

Snorks, Foofur, and Personality Disorders. There’s not much we don’t get into in this episode. Special guest Sharon Simon shares her love of Star Trek while N’jaila literally phones it in from on the road. A very special episode, only on!

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Best of Three - Dreamation 2014

The guys from NonPro’s “Best of Three” visit Dreamation 2014, an awesome gaming convention in Morristown, NJ, to talk to board game companies such as 9 Kingdoms, Everything Epic Games, and Stronghold Games. And if that wasn’t enough, they score an interview with a goblin that practices dentistry and a commando in cameo hosting miniatures! Take a listen – it’s almost as fun as being there!

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Trancing Out With Brandy Mason

Actress Brandy Mason calls in to talk about her recent and upcoming films including the new TRANCERS! What?!

After discussing her character on Dr. Ella Mental’s Mad Lab Picture Show, the boys talk about some of their all time favorite horror hosts past and present.

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