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Near Mint Radio - November 27, 2012

On this exciting episode, we compare MarvelNOW with the DC New52! Featuring insights on Iron Man, All New X-Men, and how to tell stories that are both fresh and loyal to continuity!

Later on the Loud Idiots, we talk about famous comic book families and some of our favorite events. It’s a comic nerd family tonight on!

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Near Mint Radio - November 20, 2012

Celebrate the holidays with “Death of the Family,” the DC Batman crossover event, Avengers vs X-Men Consequences, the best family relationships in comic books, and our great interview with the creative team behind “High Fructose Zombies”

*NonPro does not condone political violence. Listen to the podcast to find out what we’re talking about.

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Near Mint Radio - November 13, 2012

Consequences in comic book events, our favorite political comics, Planet of the Apes, X-Men and Avenger Babies, Joe Kubert Presents, and Green Arrow’s theme song!

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Near Mint Radio - November 06, 2012

What better way to enjoy an evening than to hangout with your friends at the comic shop? Tune in for Near Mint Comic Radio, where Ken, Frank and Pete talk about all that is good in the funny pages!

Up this week: The Joker cuts his face off, the Avengers have become Uncanny, and Wildstorm comics makes a comeback (or sorts)! Tune In and Geek Out!

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Near Mint Radio - Spotlight on Indie Creators

Join NonPro’s Ken and Frank as they turn the NYCC Spotlight on some of their favorite Indie Creators!

Independent artists came out in force at this year’s New York Comic Con, and we were honored to speak to a few of them, including the creative talent behind High Fructose Zombies, God Hates Astronauts, Easy Pieces Comic, Electronic, The Adventures of Paul, Our Valued Customers, Alex de Campi’s Ashes, The Secret Adventures of Houdini, Birdcage Bottom Books, DIGESTATE, The Nenetl of Forgotten Spirits, and The Wonder City!

We also give a Near Mint ranking of Marvel and DC!

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