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Near Mint Radio - So Long, Superior Spider-Man!

We bid farewell to “Superior Spider-Man” and discuss why we loved this book so much, and sit with Tim Yates and Lee Estes to discuss their new comic book “Anne Bonnie”

# 2014-04-29 by NonProductive | NearMintRadio | Comics | Guests |

Near Mint Radio - The Best of Batman

We celebrate 75 Years of Batman but ranking and reviewing our favorite incarnations, sidekicks, stories, and more!

# 2014-04-22 by NonProductive | NearMintRadio | Comics | BestOf |

Near Mint Radio - Digital Comics, Ghost Rider, and Shazam!

We review the new She-Hulk, discuss character evolution in the form of “Superman/Shazam!: First Thunder” and the new(est) Ghost Rider, and discuss the future of digital comics distribution.

# 2014-04-15 by NonProductive | NearMintRadio | Comics | BestOf |

Near Mint Radio interviews Harold Sipe

The horror(ible) hosts of NonPro talk with Harold Sipe, game designer author of the monster movie inspired “Screamland,” and continue their review of “Starlight” and Captain America!

# 2014-04-08 by NonProductive | NearMintRadio | Comics | Horror | | Movies | Guests | BestOf |

Near Mint Radio - New Metal Men! New New Warriors! And New Comic Suggestions for Seregon O'Dassey!

On this week’s episode of’s comic book review show, Near Mint Radio, we introduce the Metal Men to the New52, read the newest adventures of the New Warriors, and introduce our special guest, Seregon O’Dassey to some new comics!

# 2014-02-25 by NonProductive | NearMintRadio | Comics | Guests |