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Line Cutters - The 1997 Throwback Show

Taken straight from NonPro’s falsified historical archives, the Line Cutters are proud to present the premier episode of their show on the brand new Non-Productive Network! We’re going to talk about the latest and greatest in movies, television, and video games of 1997! Does George Clooney have what it takes to be Batman? What’s this year’s Disney Afternoon lineup? Exactly how amazing will the upcoming Star Wars prequels be?! Be sure to follow our Usenet group or send us a self-address stamped envelop to receive a CD-ROM copy of the show!

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The Line Cutters Prepare to Die

The Line Cutters engage in some jolly cooperation as they discuss Captain America, Dark Souls 2, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, and why difficult video games can be fun and/or controller breaking ordeals! Praise the Sun!

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Line Cutters - Favorite Franchises

The Line Cutters gather to talk about some of there favorite franchises. With the exciting announcement of the Incredibles 2 and the groan worthy announcement of Cars 3, the gang talks about what movie they always wanted to get a sequel while wishing a few series would just stop getting them. Then Matt brings on the nostalgia as he talks about reliving his first real love… Final Fantasy X!

So, we ask, what series was your first love?

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Line Cutters - Irrational Games Closes!

Al, Cappy, and Matt discuss why Everything is Awesome in the Lego Movie, and why Everything is not Awesome with the closing of Irrational Games!

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Line Cutters Video Game Awards

After talking about the games they are looking forward to in 2014, the Line Cutters gather to talk about a year that meant so much to them, 2013! Listen in as they give out awards to their favorite games this past year.

Awards like…

  • Best Boss Encounter

  • Best Looking Character

  • Most Anticipated for No Good Reason

  • Best Comeback

  • Best NPC to Have Your Back

  • Best Game That Shows Why I Would Be Terrible in the Military

  • Troy Baker Award of Being in Every Damn Game Ever

  • Games that make us excited for the end of the world…

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