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Line Cutters - Battlefield: MCU

Battlefield: Hardline and Spidey in the MCU

# 2015-02-11 by NonProductive | LineCutters | VideoGames | Movies |

Captain Action Meets The Diabolical Miss Hyde (Part 2 of 2)

As we carry over the conversation from the most recent episode of Near Mint, the boys welcome back Joe Ahearn and Ed Catto of Captain Action fame to discuss Marvel Studios’ big Spider-Man announcement, and the Wheel Of Time pilot that no one apparently knew aired! Then we get to talk to author Viola Carr about her new novel The Diabolical Miss Hyde and listen to how the guys swoon over her incredible Aussie accent!

# 2015-02-10 by NonProductive | LoudIdiots | Books | Guests | Movies | Comics | Toys | BestOf

Near Mint Radio - Welcome back, Spidey! (Part 1 of 2)

DC might quietly wrap New52, Spider-Man joins the Avengers on the big screen, and we talk about how we got into comics with our awesome guests, Ed Catto and Joe Ahearn of Captain Action!

# 2015-02-10 by NonProductive | NearMint | Comics | Movies | BestOf | Guests |

Line Cutters - MAGFest and Comic TV

The Rise of Comic Book Television and MAGFest reviewed!

# 2015-02-04 by NonProductive | LineCutters | Concerts | Conventions | Comics | TV |

The Loud Idiots - Debbie D and Vampire Mermaids

With Den and Pete missing in action, Ken recruits Frank to help discuss the station’s first live chat of WWE Smackdown on The NonPro Fan Club over at Then Ken has a one on one conversation with scream queen and all around AWESOME actress Debbie D!

# 2015-02-03 by NonProductive | LoudIdiots | Wrestling | Guests | Movies |