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Line Cutters - We Hate the 80s: Movie Edition

The 80s had a bunch of great movies…and a bunch of ones that sucked! The Line Cutters talk about which movies from the 80s they can’t stand, and result in the realization that they can’t stand each other!

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The Loud Idiots - Dark Rising with Brigitte Kingsley

On this episode, The Idiots celebrate NonPro’s “I Hate The 80’s” by discussing some of pro-wrestling’s worst gimmicks. Then, Kate McClure reviews “Little Horribles” for Must Click TV. Finally we wrap up with a very candid interview with actress/producer Brigitte Kingsley of “Dark Rising” fame.

To check out Little Horribles, go to:

To find out more on Brigitte Kingsley and Dark Rising, be sure to go to:

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Near Mint Radio - Lewis and Clark and Apes and Trek and Ms. Marvel!

No, this isn’t the worst (best?) mashup of all time, it’s some of the fine comic books the gang at Near Mint reviewed for this week’s thrilling installment of the universes finest podcast!

Bonus: Find out what Frank’s beef with 80s X-Factor!

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The Loud Idiots - Laura McDonald and Some "Sound Advice"

On this episode, comedian Laura McDonald makes her first appearance on The Loud Idiots Radio Show to discuss doing comedy on both coasts, her love life, and even Kristin Stewart! Then, Kate McClure discuss Vanessa Bayer’s ”Sound Advice” for Must Click TV. All that, and the boys discuss the future of wrestler turned MMA fighter, CM Punk.

# 2014-12-09 by NonProductive | LoudIdiots | Comedy | Wrestling

Near Mint Radio - Comic Movies and TV Talk!

Frank’s back and we celebrate all things comics literature by talking a hell of a lot about comics movies and TV news!

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