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The Loud Idiots - Faces and Grindhouse Nights

Tom Ryan returns to discuss his new film “Faces” and brings along “The Horror Nerd” Todd Staruch, who runs the event Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z. Kate McClure reviews “Loo Makes It Big” on Must Click TV. Also, Frozen versus The Snow Queen and “Too Many Cooks” breaks the internet. Finally, Seregon O’Dassey calls in and breaks The Loud Idiots Show!

See Loo Makes It Big here:

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Near Mint Radio - World Without a Frank Part 2

Frank remains trapped in the Negative Zone, so it falls to Ken and Pete to hold down the show. And hold it down they do, like a lead weight! On the agenda this week: pro-wrestler C.M. Punk picks up Thor’s hammer, Grayson drops the Nightwing gear, The Humans are monkeys, Wolverine is still dead, and an unholy pact is forged.

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Line Cutters - Marvel and Majora!

Al and Matt talk about Marvel’s Phase 3 announcement, Majora’s Mask on the 3DS, X-Wing and Tie Fighter on GOG, and the perils of buying retro games!

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The Loud Idiots - All This AND The Kitchen Sink...

On this episode of The Loud Idiots, Ken discusses the WWE 2K15 video game and Pete gives us a lesson in space travel and why “The Mike Tyson Mysteries” made his brain explode in delight. Then, Kate McClure reviews the web series ”Ted and Gracie” for her Must Click TV segment and Ken ends the show explaining how Emilia Clarke may be the only reason to see the new Terminator movie.

Ted And Gracie Webseries:–gracie.html

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Near Mint Radio - World Without A Frank Part 1

With Frank missing in action, Ken and Pete hijack the show to talk about the Death of Wolverine, hard reboots, Gotham Academy, and the true identity of Felicity Smoak.

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