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Line Cutters - Big Studio Decisions

On today’s episode, the Line Cutters are actually relevant as they follow up their Legend of Korra discussion from last episode with talk on Nickelodeon’s decision to move the series online! Also: Guardians of the Galaxy, Studio Ghibli’s restructuring, and Hyrule Warriors!

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The Loud Idiots - Anthony Noto & Guardians Of The Galaxy

Anthony Noto, the new front man of Blue Movie, returns to nerd out with us! Ant was so disappointed that we weren’t able to discuss comic books the last time he was on, so we decided to make it up to him. We go completely spoiler heavy reviewing the new Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, so be warned. Then, The Taffeta Darling makes a long awaited return to discuss the epic-ness of Sharknado 2: The Second One! Also a super powered debate over what defines a sci-fi movie!

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Near Mint Radio - Starlight, Saga, and Guardians of the Galaxy!

We review Mark Millar’s Starlight, Al Ewing’s Agent of Asgard, and the Guardians of the Galaxy movie/new comic! All this, and rock n’ roll front man Anthony Noto of Blue Movie gives us his take on Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples comic, Saga!

# 2014-08-05 by NonProductive | NearMintRadio | Comics | Movies | Guests | -- Guardians of the Galaxy Special

Join us as we tease everything Guardians of the Galaxy, including interviews with comic greats Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, hilarious sketches about our favorite cosmic heroes of the past, and a spoiler free guide on the absolute best way to watch Marvel’s latest blockbuster to hit theaters!

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Line Cutters - Going Primetime

On this episode, the gang talks Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Snowpiercer, and how On-Demand has changed primetime television!

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