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Near Mint Radio - Batman: The Long Halloween

Join us as we discuss the comic classic, “Batman: The Long Halloween”

Created by the highly accliamed and Eisner Award-wining team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, this thrilling story features some of the most deadly and cunning members of Batman’s rogues gallery and a dramatic retelling of the origin of the tragic villain Two-Face.

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Line Cutters - Halloween Horror Nostalgia!

Al, James, and Matt take a look back on their favorite spooky television shows, books, and video games in honor of Halloween!

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Classic Horror Video Games and the Idiots That Love Them

The guys talk about their favorite scary old video games and Jonathan Tiersten calls in.

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Line Cutters - Monster Movie Mashups

Al, Matt, and Frank discuss their favorite monster movie mashups, and stumble upon the next failed film project from NonPro…

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The Loud Idiots VS Halloween?!

NonPro’s Geektoberfest Celebration continues when the Loud Idiots argue over their most loved and loathed Halloween candy. And, as one man’s treasure is another man’s hot mouthful of garbage; and as promised we have a live candy-tasting during the show!

Tune in to hear grown adults scream about circus peanuts, mankind’s greatest sin.

Disagree? Well then, we ask you: What’s your favorite terrible candy??

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