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The Loud Idiots - Scream Queen, Tiffany Shepis!

The Loud Idiots welcome the return of scream queen great, Tiffany Shepis! Renowned as one of the busiest actresses in the movie industry, we discuss some of our favorite films featuring the horror goddess along with her current projects like “M is for Matchmaker” and “Wrath of the Crows”. Then, Totally Official Loud Idiot Jonathan Tiersten joins the conversation and promptly steers us toward nudity and the Village People. This is a show 5 years in the making! Don’t miss it!!!

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Line Cutters - Monster Movie Mashups

Al, Matt, and Frank discuss their favorite monster movie mashups, and stumble upon the next failed film project from NonPro…

# 2013-10-23 by NonProductive | LineCutters | Movies | Horror | Geektoberfest |

The Loud Idiots - Nick Cole, Jocelyn Potter, and NJ Zombie Walk!

The Idiots recap the NJ Zombie Walk and interview writer Nick Cole about his “Wasteland” book series. Then, the return of model/writer Jocelyn Potter as she gears up for her first Comic Con appearance!

# 2013-10-08 by NonProductive | LoudIdiots | Geektoberfest | Guests | Books | Horror

The Loud Idiots - Jess Rajs of Gorgeous and Gory and Mike Perez's new Friday 13th Documentary!

Necromantic nymphet Jess Rajs joins us in studio with the latest in her zombie pinup calendar series; Gorgeous and Gory: No Vacancy!

All that and Mike Perez calls in to give us the scoop on a brand new Friday the 13th Documentary!

# 2013-09-24 by NonProductive | LoudIdiots | Horror | Geektoberfest | BestOf | Guests |

The Loud Idiots - Movies Monsters and Musicals!

We discuss Broadway’s new season by pitching more absurd musicals, and rank movie monsters and their myriad of ridiculous reboots!

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