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Loud Idiots - All Good Things…

On this episode, the categories for the 2014 Loud Idiots Movie Awards are announced, and finally the boys give their take on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” now that they’ve all seen it. On a sadder note, we mourn the recent passing of our friend, Otto Petersen, as we rebroadcast one the greatest moments of the show’s history – spotlighting Otto’s incredible talent with a very rare candid interview discussing some of his own passions.

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The Loud Idiots - LI Movie Awards

Celebrate the social event of the year with the 2013 Loud Idiot Movies Awards Show! The biggest extravaganza ever hosted at the studios, featuring special guests Blaze Coyle, Lisa Foerder, Tony Paris, Adam Ginsberg, Missy Heather, Vivienne Cleary, Patrick Devaney, Christopher Murphy, Michael Scardillo, and Lee Estes as they join the rest of the NonPro team in celebrating the most ridiculous categories in award show history!

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The Loud Idiots - March 12, 2013

Jocelyn Potter and The Deciders

On this episode, The Idiots prepare for the upcoming 2013 Loud Idiots Movie Awards by releasing the list of categories and nominees. They are then joined by glamor model, comic book writer, and all around kick-ass nerd, Jocelyn Potter, to discuss her new book The Deciders! Listen as she schools the guys on everything X-Men and…..G.I. Joe?!! Yes, it’s completely true and Bizarro Worldly REAL!!!!!

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The Loud Idiots - Julie-Ann Hamolko -- March 05, 2013

Julie Ann In Idiot-Land

With Big Poppa Pete taking the night off to further his chances of becoming the new pope, the Idiots are joined by their special guest host, actress Julie Ann Hamolko. Together they tackle the Movie Awards, Muppets, Alice in Wonderland, and drunk people in liquor stores. God, I hope Julie’s mom isn’t listening…

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Line Cutters - Oscars and PlayStation 4 -- February 27, 2013

The Line Cutters sink their teeth into the topics of the day the way only geeks can, with an in-depth play-by-play review of the Oscars and the Sony PlayStation 4 Keynote!

This is a surprising good episode of a generally terrible show. Listen!

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