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Line Cutters - MAGFest and Comic TV

The Rise of Comic Book Television and MAGFest reviewed!

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Near Mint Radio - Guardians Two, Electric Boogaloo

Frank and Ken talk about the great DC shows and Superman’s New Look/New Power.

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Near Mint Radio - Comic Movies and TV Talk!

Frank’s back and we celebrate all things comics literature by talking a hell of a lot about comics movies and TV news!

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Superheroes Anonymous and The Return of Evil Dead

The Idiots debate the new “Ash Versus The Evil Dead” TV series, and Must Click TV has Kate McClure reviewing “Teachers Lounge.” The shows finale introduces author Lexie Dunne and her new novel “Superheroes Anonymous” and shows us why Lexie is one of our newest nerd heroes. You won’t want to miss this!!!

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The Loud Idiots - All This AND The Kitchen Sink...

On this episode of The Loud Idiots, Ken discusses the WWE 2K15 video game and Pete gives us a lesson in space travel and why “The Mike Tyson Mysteries” made his brain explode in delight. Then, Kate McClure reviews the web series ”Ted and Gracie” for her Must Click TV segment and Ken ends the show explaining how Emilia Clarke may be the only reason to see the new Terminator movie.

Ted And Gracie Webseries:–gracie.html

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